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The Beerboy and Beergirl Mothership –Who Is She?

Dear BeerGirl and BeerBoy Disciples,

‘The BeerGirl and BeerBoy MotherShip’, or ‘The BeerDisciple MotherShip’… feel warm and fuzzy, don’t you, at the whisper of those names—but why? Because, dear BeerDisciples, without knowing so, you’ve visited her warm embrace many times—every time you drank a beer.

Some of her aspects have been given numerous names; morphogenetic field, the Akashic Record Hall, the Collective Unconscious. You though, dear disciples, have many times visited the heart and soul of who she is—her creative aspect—the Beerdisciple Mothership. And when did you do so—every time you drank a beer.

It goes like this. Ever see a mirage? In school you were told a mirage wasn’t really anything ‘real’. Well, once again dear disciples, school lied to you. That flickering mirage is a place where the Seen and UnSeen worlds bleed through to each other, making a portal.

These mirage portals, however, are unstable. It is difficult for people to keep grounded at that point where the Seen and Unseen merge. Angels, demons, elemental spirits, even many animals, live effortlessly at the mirage juncture. Religious saints live at that juncture, too.

For most people, however, the only time they get a chance to set foot in this juncture realm is when they drink beer. Alcohol and hops; together they form a ‘key’, unlocking the door. Alcohol by itself doesn’t do the trick.

Why? Beer intoxication can be seen as a kind of mirage. BeerDisciples seek to use that entry for more than fun, but also for guidance from the spiritual beings at the Seen-UnSeen portal.

Does this mean BeerDisciples should always be intoxicated? No, intoxication used properly is merely a kind of ‘training wheels’. A constant meditative state, achieved, say, by regular use of the Rosary, is more reliable than intoxication.

In that meditative state, being always ‘in the moment’, we enter what has been called the Akashic Record Hall, or more appropriately, ‘Halls’. I see ‘BeerDisciple MotherShip’ as an affectionate term for the creative Hall. Repeat ‘BeerDisciple MotherShip’ repetitively sometimes silent, then out loud. The many meanings of this nurturing spiritual place will present themselves to you.

And what is in the MotherShip part of the Akashic Record Hall? Creativity; pliable plastic thought, creative essence. When this essence is combined with the particular personality and talents of an individual, a unique creative thought is produced. And an individual can train their intuition to be better at accessing the Hall. Someone can even learn to access the Hall 24 hours a day, while maintaining contact with the Seen world.

Then Who Is A Beerboy or Beergirl Disciple?

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